If experience is the best teacher, then travel is the best experience.

I have learned so much about life and myself through the simple act of traveling, I talk about this on my podcast, Real Talk with Mark West #23: The Art of Living | Travel. I've been given a broader worldview, a greater sense of self, and a deeper connection with the world around me. Travel is not a luxury reserved for the elite few, those who have disposable time and income, it's a vital part of understanding life, yourself, and other people. Have you done any traveling lately? Even if it's to a part of town you rarely visit, even if you take a different route to work, we all should do our best to incorporate travel into our lives as a necessity. 

"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness." 

- Mark Twain

I SUPPORT SINGING OFF -KEY! Very few experiences have had a greater impact on my life than my trip to China back in 2011. As part of a theatre exchange program between the University of Illinois and various Chinese universities myself and a select number of students from my acting program traveled across China performing. Below is an embarrassing video of me in Shanghai feeling my oats as Simba in The Lion King.  The important part is I had a lot of fun! :P I never would've dreamed of having the opportunity to sing off-key in China! 


#23: The Art of Living | Travel

Travel is more than just escaping the everyday grind and forgetting about what's back home; it's a necessary ingredient to a full and happy life! I share my experiences traveling to China as a young actor performing at various Universities, and the lessons it taught me. Then, my BFF Christina Roman joins me from Phoenix to talk about the importance of travel, her run in with an angry bull, and meeting a Princess in Mexico.